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Coins Crypto Trading

Authors Needed

Looking for Authors for Coins Crypto Trading

We are looking for new authors to write articles on cryptocurresies and online trading.

It must be quality articles and not be publish on other web sites, maybe on there own site.

No junk articles.

In return the author get the following.

Author page with his/her details on and also a link to his/her website.

Also a link on every article page he/she publish.  

Links only his/her  site not to other sites.

Sorry no payment.

We are helping each other.

We are working hard on link building.

Our aim is to have a quality site out there to help every one.

Reader and site owners.  

Need the follow details if you are intrested:

Author name and surname.

Author short bio.

Author photo.

Your website link and name.

Website logo.

Description of site.

Article with link to site at bottom.


Must be good quality articles.

Must be about online trading or cryptocurrencies.  

To have an author page you must publish 10 and more articles on a topic.

Online trading or cryptocurrencies.

No limit on max amout of articles but only 2 a day.

Author can have 2 author pages 1 on online trading and 1 on cryptocurrencies.  

Author site must be about online trading or crytocurrencies.  

Author site must not have any porn and gambling on.

No scam sites.

Contact us by email: